Special Thanks to Jesse Farrell

VLAWMO extends warm gratitude to Jesse Farrell as he concludes his time serving as Chair of the Technical Commission (TEC).

Representing the City of Vadnais Heights, Jesse was appointed to the TEC in 2018, elected Vice Chair in 2020, and Chair in 2022. In 2021, Jesse was awarded the annual Watershed Partner Award, recognizing and highlighting his support and partnership in the Lambert Lake Pond and Meander Project, which is the largest project in VLAWMO’s history.

In his role on the TEC, Jesse has been an instrumental partner with VLAWMO, advancing a variety of efforts, projects, and active partnerships with the City of Vadnais Heights. A few of the many examples include the Bridgewood Park raingarden, winter maintenance improvements for reduced salt (chloride) impacts on local waters, advancing Lambert Creek maintenance and inspections, partnering on a native vegetation restoration and demonstration site at the Vadnais Heights Commons, assisting with the Lambert Lake Pond and Meander, and pioneering a smart irrigation effort for water conservation. His proactive approach to stormwater improvements is even evidenced in City street improvement projects.

Jesse also served on the VLAWMO budget subcommittee, which helped VLAWMO make careful considerations for project planning with its member communities. These effects will continue to yield results for years to come. VLAWMO is grateful for the positive, personable, and rational approach Jesse brought to the community and the watershed.  

We wish Jesse well as he continues his voyage to a new city and new watersheds!

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