2017-2026 Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

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An update of the VLAWMO Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (Plan) was completed 2016. The Plan includes management standards and procedures for surface water, wetland, and groundwater issues and meets all existing and proposed requirements of Minnesota Rules Chapter 8410, 8420 and 4720.5100 – 4720.5590, Minnesota Statutes 103B, 103D and 471.59. The Plan identifies goals, policies, priority concerns, and implementation activities for the Watershed for 2017-2026.

The Plan provides clear direction for watershed management with the flexibility to rapidly adapt to evolving needs and partnership opportunities.

VLAWMO completed an amendment to the Plan during summer 2019, along with a Minor Amendment to the Plan in 2021. The amended plan is the current, active plan. Changes that were included as part of the 2019 amendment and 2021 Minor Amendment are indicated within the document, and this final version is linked below.

 The 2017-2026 Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan and its supporting documents

Through a series of comment periods, reviews, and approvals by agencies such as the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, the VLAWMO Water Plan is complete. While this page will serve as a reference to the plan, the plan will soon be influencing VLAWMO's work from behind the scenes. 

Watershed Management Plan Executive Summary

Watershed Management Plan Executive Summary

The executive summary provides a brief look into the 2017-2026 comprehensive water plan, outlining the priority issues, goals and strategies. Priority issues define the top concerns in the watershed community, while the goals and strategies explain how these concerns will be met. 

2017-2026 Executive Summary

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2023 Annual Report


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