Black Lake

 Surface Area 11 acres
 Maximum Depth 12.5 ft
 Average Depth 6 ft
 Subcatchment Area 664 acres
 Location North Oaks
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Studies: Black Lake

Black Lake is the most secluded lake in the Watershed and is located in the private City of North Oaks; the lake is not accessible by the public. Black has a surface area of about 10 acres and is considered a shallow lake under MPCA water quality standards. The lake receives inflow from Gilfillan Stream that feeds into Black Lake's surrounding wetland perimeter, and outflows north to Wilkinson and the North Oaks Chain of Lakes, eventually ending up in East Vadnais Lake.

The lake's subcatchment (watershed) area covers 664 acres of surrounding land that is mostly light impact residential, as well as a large amount of wetland. So far, a vegetation study was conducted on the lake in 2015, and no fish surveys have been done. The lake is among the healthiest in VLAWMO, and that is likely attributed to the lake's seclusion from heavy suburban development and elevated nutrient runoff loads. No projects are currently slated for Black Lake.

No active projects at this time.

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