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Neighborhood Spotlights: 

See the stories behind our watershed improvement projects.

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Neighborhood Spotlights


Green Family: Multi-basin raingarden with sump pump basement connection. July, 2019  

Ronna Smitherman:  Large sun-exposed raingarden paired with a native planting. February, 2018

Beth Fruehling: Small raingarden with dry creek redirecting stormwater runoff away from home. May, 2018

Glander Family: Small front yard raingarden taking rooftop runoff. April, 2018 

Marlette Family: Medium sized raingarden custom designed around home foundation. Rainbarrel connections and wet basement solutions. September, 2020 

Shorelines/Native Plantings:

Kate Winsor: Shaded woodland planting with native plants and groundcovers. June, 2018    

Conrad and Stacey: Multi-phase shoreline restoration including native plantings and alternative turf. June, 2020  


White Bear Montessori: Vegetated play area, field prairie, and large raingardens (3) featuring trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. September, 2018

Sharon and Peter: Small and medium raingardens, alternative turf yard, backyard prairie. August, 2019

Schmidt Family: Small raingarden basins linked together, large front yard native planting, backyard native planting. September, 2019   

Shapland Family: Pop-up raingarden, dry creek, native ground cover, native shade planting. July, 2019 - September, 2020 

Bev Hall: Shared multi-property raingarden, pollinator garden, and an additional small raingarden featuring a sump pump connection. September, 2020


Connie Winterhalter: Adopt-a-Drain for Wood Lake/Oak Knoll Pond. September, 2018    

Bob Winkler: Winter strategies for salt-free maintenance, adopt-a-drain for Goose Lake. September, 2020   


In the News:

Coverage on watershed issues and projects.


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