Zebra Mussel clean-out at Sucker Channel

The Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS) is conducting routine channel maintenance at the Sucker Channel from October 3-7, 2022. Staff are removing invasive zebra mussel shells that have accumulated in the Sucker channel between Pleasant and Sucker Lakes to the point of obstructing water flow. 
Unpleasant odors may be evident while driving near Hwy 96 and Rice Street just north of the Sucker Channel, or when visiting the Vadnais/Sucker Park. This is due to the lowered water level exposing dead zebra mussels and shell material that has accumulated in the channel. Removed zebra mussels will be taken to an industrial compost facility for composting. The channel and lake water levels for Sucker and East Vadnais Lakes will be brought back to their regular water levels when the cleaning is complete. 
Learn more from a feature video from a past year channel cleaning: Zebra Mussel Removal
For questions contact VLAWMO at (651) 204-6070 or the Saint Paul Regional Water Services at 

(651) 266-6350.

Sucker channel zebra mussels 2022 (11).JPG


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