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 Volunteers are key to watershed improvement. Find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule and interest level. 

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Volunteering while social distancing

As we adapt to the realities of COVID-19 personal, family, and public health is a top priority. While the watershed appreciates volunteers, staff are less available to coordinate with volunteers due to most office time spent working from home. Out of the options listed here, volunteer activities will be coordinated as interest and dedicated support provides. All volunteer activities are either conducted independently, outdoors with social distancing, or among members of the same household. 

The Watershed Action Volunteers meets twice annually open to the public; in March and October. Contact us via email or at (651) 204-6070 to request meeting access details or discuss a particular volunteer activity. Meeting details may be found on the VLAWMO web calendar from the VLAWMO.org homepage. 

Visit our schools page for maps, activities, and resources for students.

2021 Volunteer Opportunities


Click here for a list of 2021 volunteer positions. Please contact staff at (651) 204-6070 for more information or questions concerning one or more of these options. 

After reviewing the volunteer positions, please read and complete a 2021 WAV application to get started. Staff will contact you for a casual interview to learn more and plan next steps. Volunteer roles may be seasonally relevant, dependent on staff availability within COVID-19 restrictions, or dependent on the current Minnesota public health guidelines. 

Several volunteer activities are available without a formal volunteer application: 

  • Adopt-a-Drain: Meaningful volunteering is just down the street! Visit adopt-a-drain.org to find your nearby stormdrain(s), officially adopt one (or a few), and keep them clean on your own time. It's convenient, easy for kids, and a great home learning opportunity that illustrates the connection between stormdrains and nearby waterbodies. 
  • Invasive Species Control/Buckthorn Bustin': Help VLAWMO and other WAV members take a bite out of buckthorn, garlic mustard, and other invasive species. This activity is event-based, sign-up on the WAV email list below to receive announcements. 
  • Picture Posts: Visit the picture post webpage for information and links on how to participate. Picture Posts are available year-round. 
  • Scenery and wildlife photography: VLAWMO is interested in your social distancing sight seeing! Photos of early morning, evening, sunrises, and sunsets are lacking in our records and are often the most beautiful. Frosty trees, neat clouds, and action shots during rain events (i.e. stormwater runoff at a project site or raingarden) are also very valuable. Past or present landscape or wildlife images help tell the story of the watershed and inspire action and care for our water resources. All photos are credited according to submitter preference (word caption, name stamp, etc.).
  • Otter Spotters & Frog and Toad Calls:  Visit our story maps page to learn more. 
WAV Meeting Updates

Next meeting: 

October, 2021

Latest Meeting:

Review the March 17th, 2021 meeting notes here

Follow along in video format here. 

Past Meetings: 


Minnesota Water Stewards

VLAWMO is a proud host site for the Minnesota Water Stewards program. VLAWMO sponsors new stewards on select years depending on project and funding availability, as well as local interest. Contact VLAWMO for questions or more information on this program. 

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