Pleasant Lake

 Surface Area 690 acres
 Maximum Depth 58 ft
 Average Depth 20 ft
 Subcatchment Area 1852 acres
 Location North Oaks
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Studies: Pleasant Lake

Common Carp Presentation: November 6, 2019

Pleasant Lake is the largest lake within the VLAWMO watershed, at over 1.5 times bigger than the second biggest lake, East Vadnais Lake. The Lake is the second lake on the St. Paul Regional Water Service chain of lakes in North Oaks. Water flows into the lake in the west through Charley Channel from Charley Lake, and from the north through Deep Lake Channel from Deep Lake. Water exits at the south of the Lake via an underground culvert network and into Sucker Lake.  

Chippewa Middle School Raingarden

Sucker Lake Channel Restoration

A shoreline restoration at the popular Sucker Lake Channel

Pleasant Lake Carp Removal

A description of the Pleasant Lake carp removal effort.