Vadnais Lake

East Vadnais Lake

 Surface Area 389 acres
 Maximum Depth 58 ft
 Average Depth 30 ft
 Subcatchment Area 889 acres
 Location Vadnais Heights

West Vadnais Lake

 Surface Area 213 acres
 Maximum Depth 11.3 ft
 Average Depth 7-8 ft
 Subcatchment Area 394 acres
 Location Vadnais Heights
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East Vadnais Lake is the drinking water reservoir for the City of Saint Paul. The Saint Paul Regional Water Service (SPRWS) manages the reservoir. 

Studies: Vadnais Lakes

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West Vadnais Carp Removal

Carp removal in West Vadnais Lake is one step towards improving this impaired water body.

Vadnais Heights Rotary Raingarden

A sheet-flow raingarden at the Vadnais Heights Fire Department parking lot.
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