Birch Lake

Surface Area 125 acres
 Maximum Depth 7.4 ft
 Average Depth 3 ft
 Subcatchment Area  647 acres
 Location White Bear Lake
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Birch Lake, in White Bear Lake, is a unique lake. It is a shallow lake, with the deepest spot found at 7.4 feet, and has excellent water quality, putting it in the mesotrophic category of the TSI (Trophic State Index) grading. With a subcatchment (watershed) area of 647 acres, Birch receives a good amount of chloride and nutrient loading from surrounding development. Surprisingly, the lake defies odds  and exhibits nutrient levels well below state standards. The lake receives inflow from its surrounding subcatchment, and outflows in the north of the lake through the Rotary Park stream. The stream then connects with North Oaks Chain of Lakes, and then eventually flows into East Vadnais Lake.

The Birch Lake Improvement District (BLID) acts as the lake association for Birch, and has a great pride and is very active in the protection of their lake, from funding additional water quality monitoring, to weed control and fish stocking. Vegetation and fish studies have been conducted on the lake, as well as shoreline restorations and raingardens around the lake. 

Studies: Birch Lake

Birch Lake Improvement District (BLID)

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