Putting Down "Anchors": 15 Years of Lake Planning

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Sustainable Lake Management Plans and Reports (SLMP/Rs) are a valuable tool for lake management. Like an anchor, they help VLAWMO and partnering communities compile information and plan projects for each lake. They guide decision making, inform grant funding proposals, and provide a streamlined record of history of what's been done and what's needed.

Each plan brings together information compiled by VLAWMO staff, local stakeholders, and our partners, especially the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation Division team. Information that can be found in SLMP/Rs includes water monitoring data, retrofits reports for optimal project locations, lake depths and contours, and surveys such as fish or aquatic vegetation.

VLAWMO started building SLMP/Rs in 2009 and gradually covered each major lake in the watershed. Reports are reviewed and updated periodically. 

Find a plan for a lake near you at our waterbodies page or browse the list of completed plans below. 

Amelia Lake

Birch Lake

Black Lake

Charley Lake

Deep Lake

East Goose Lake

Gem Lake

Gilfillan Lake

Pleasant Lake

Sucker and East Vadnais Lake

Tamarack Lake

West Vadnais Lake

Wilkinson Lake


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