Wetlands 101: What to Know Before You Work

With their recognition as an important natural resource, and their lawful protection and regulation just over 20 years old, there are still many questions asked about Minnesota's wetlands. The Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) is the state-wide soil and water conservation agency who's mission is to improve and protect Minnesota's lakes, streams, and water resources. Wetlands perform crucial functions for flood protection, erosion control, wildlife habitat including waterfowl, and improve water quality by filtering stormwater runoff.

Many areas that are legally considered wetlands are often unlawfully disturbed or altered as a result of basic yard work or construction. The basics of wetland identification and protection are not often considered common knowledge, and illegal wetland impact or destruction can carry significant legal consequences. Check out this post on BWSR's website to learn more about the basics of wetland identification, and rules and regulations that may apply to how you affect them in your daily life or way of business:

Wetlands 101: What to Know Before You Work



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