2015 Monitoring Report

Summarizing the 2015 sampling and monitoring season for VLAWMO's waters, the 2015 Monitoring Report is now available here. This report includes monitoring results for 12 lakes that VLAWMO samples within its boundaries, as well as 6 sampling locations along Lambert Creek. Comparing total phosphorus (TP) nutrient levels to 2014 results, 6 lakes decreased in TP, while 6 lakes increased.

Comparing Chlorophyll A (Chl A), 11 of the 12 lakes sampled  had increased levels in 2015 over 2014, while only Birch Lake decreased in Chlorophyll A. Combined sampling for Lambert Creek yielded lower TP and TSS (total suspended solids) levels along the creek for 2015 compared to 2014, though sampling at Whitaker Pond indicated higher nutrient and pollutant levels than in 2014, surpassing state water quality standards.

The lake and stream monitoring program continues to collect valuable data and information that is crucial in determining which projects and programs are best suited for use in improving and protecting water quality within VLAWMO.

Lambert Creek- 13.JPG

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