2023 Spring Flood Outlook

Stay up to date on 2023 spring flood reports with the National Weather Service Twin Cities. This one-stop-shop resource provides data, charts, and interpretation on spring flood predictions, climate predictions, drought status, weather forecasts, soil moisture, snowmelt, frost depth, and more. 

March 31st Summary Excerpt: 

"We stand a good chance of holding onto at good portion of the snow into early April, which brings the increasing probabilities of seeing a warm and/or wet weather system. Thus, our spring flood threat remains well above normal, especially for the Mississippi River from St. Paul downstream (as the upper Mississippi joins the Minnesota, St. Croix, and Chippewa Rivers which all have a high snowpack). Southern tributaries and the Wisconsin basins may see some fairly rapid rises by early in the first week of April.

It's now not so much a question of if we will see flooding, but how severe and widespread will it be? The severity of flooding will depend on if we receive heavy rainfall and/or very warm temperatures during the melt."

mn snow depth.jpg

Spring Flood Outlook

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