VLAWMO Recruiting MN Water Stewards

VLAWMO is excited to once again be recruiting up to two local water enthusiasts for the Minnesota Water Stewards program. 

Minnesota Water Stewards is a certification program that offers opportunities to join a local network of leaders and tackle environmental problems.  Successful Stewards will complete a 40-hour training (in-person and online) with the organization Freshwater, as well as a capstone project facilitated by VLAWMO. As a supporting partner in the program, VLAWMO will be sponsoring up to two individuals for the 2024-25 cohort. Contact VLAWMO for a questions or discussion.

How to apply: 

  • Attend an information session (to be scheduled by Freshwater) or meet with VLAWMO staff virtually for an informal Q & A in Fall 2024. 
  • Brainstorm capstone project ideas and reflect on the types of leadership that's most of interest in this role. 
  • Complete an application from Freshwater on the MN Water Stewards application page by October 25th.
  • VLAWMO will hold interviews with applicant finalists in November 2024. 
  • Stewards will be selected based on project proposal, creative leadership, and commitment level to the program. Stewards selected for sponsorship will be notified in December 2024. 
  • In the case of having more applicants than sponsorships (2 max), applicants are still eligible to attend the program through independent funding. 

Past steward capstone examples:

  • Building a stormwater BMP and/or alternative groundcover in conjunction with using project as an educational demonstration site.
  • Coordinating an educational webinar such as a rainbarrel mini-course and giveaway.
  • Facilitating the creation of education workbooks such as the Good Neighbor Guide and Jr Watershed Explorer. Work with VLAWMO staff as well as neighboring watershed staff and design or print contractors to gather examples and resources. Utilize VLAWMO grant programs to cover production costs.
  • Invasive purple Loosestrife biocontrol in local wetlands in conjunction with neighborhood education efforts such as tours and mailings.
  • Renovating existing raingardens and bioswales utilizing VLAWMO grant program funding and through recruiting volunteers.
  • New and innovative capstone ideas are welcome!

Visit the Minnesota Water Steward Homepage for more on what Stewards do, what the training covers, and success stories from the growing Steward community. 

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