Otter Trailcam Footage

VLAWMO is continuing efforts to identify projects to improve Wilkinson Lake, which is impaired for nutrients.

As part of site investigation and monitoring at a potential project that may follow the Wilkinson Deep-Water Wetland Restoration, a pair of otters were recently seen interacting with their habitat and encountering a remote camera at that spot for the first time. Their reaction was entertaining, as otters often are. Otters are important mammals in our habitat in the Vadnais Lake Area Watershed because they are top-tier predators in aquatic and riparian systems. They are also indicators of water quality. Thriving otters and otter families over time give us insights into habitat conditions, as we see at Wilkinson Lake and other areas in our watershed.

Visit the Otter Spotters Storymap for more on otters in our watershed. 

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Otter Trailcam Footage

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