Lake Care Weekend 2022

Did you know that every stormdrain connects to a waterbody?

Although the connection is often hidden, stormwater from roofs, parking lots, and streets pick up debris and wash it untreated into a lake, stream, or wetland. Sometimes this debris is clearly harmful to water quality, but most times it’s tough to tell. Trash, automotive fluids, road salt, and pet waste are obvious pollutants. Leaves, sediment, and grass clippings however are the sneaky ones.

These materials are naturally occurring, but when they get into stormdrains they create an imbalance and excess of sediment and nutrients where these things don't belong. Excessive sediment and nutrients choke out aquatic life, clog waterways, and promote excessive algae growth. But there's another way - a team effort that fills in the gaps between street sweeper passes. 

Join us in making adopt-a-drain part of the regular fall routine. The clean drains will look great and the lakes will thank you! 

Visit the adopt-a-drain website for more info and to get started from any location.

Check out the East Goose Lake special edition event on our web calendar. 

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