Wildlife in the Watershed

VLAWMO StoryMaps highlight wildlife in our watershed.

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Wildlife in the Watershed StoryMap

Frogs and Toads in the Watershed StoryMap

VLAWMO has a variety of ways of working to understand the health of our waters, wetlands, and broader environment. You may have already seen the Frog and Toad StoryMap that resulted from two years of call surveys (2019-2020). We also conducted a watershed-wide, remote-camera survey (2018-2020). The survey allows us to understand mammal diversity and identify rare species. Some mammals, like River otters, are indicators of habitat health and water quality. These species are of particular interest as we consider areas for increased conservation and restoration efforts. As a result of the remote-camera survey, VLAWMO is working with the Minnesota Zoo and University of Minnesota veterinarians to learn more about our urban otters. Watch for more on this new project in the months to come.

The StoryMap highlights samples from 6 primary sites in our watershed and over 28 individual camera locations. We think teachers might especially enjoy using this as an innovative digital tool for their students. If you are a teacher or know a teacher who you think would be interested, please share.

"Who Lives in the Watershed?"

A video series showcasing our wildlife remote camera photos.

Part 1: Tamarack Nature Center

Part 2: Vadnais/Sucker Regional Park

Part 3: Birch Lake Rotary Nature Preserve


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