Welcoming Phil to VLAWMO

We're excited to announce Phil Belfiori as VLAWMO's new watershed administrator. Phil brings more than 25 years of experience in environmental and water resource management, with a variety of partnerships to pull from. With experience in watershed, municipal, county, regional, and statewide levels, he's comfortable navigating the many circles VLAWMO regularly interacts with.  As VLAWMO Administrator his duties include management of staff, program development and oversight, lead staff liaison for the VLAWMO Board, and development and implementation of the budget.

What drew you to VLAWMO? 

I was seeking an opportunity to work with an organization that has a strong emphasis on collaborating with member communities. VLAWMO has a proven track record for strong partnerships and a hard working and dedicated team, so it drew me in as a natural fit. It's also great to be working with a smaller watershed after serving in much larger watersheds in the past.

What's your favorite past project?

The Bald Eagle Lake Restoration Project was a great experience and a big success. I was thrilled to see it win the Watershed Project of the Year award in the State of MN back in 2016. 

Have any hobbies or favorite water places? 

In my free time I enjoy biking and nature hiking, often visiting Lebanon Hills Regional Park. My favorite water place would have to be the Yellowstone River High Falls, located in Yellowstone National Park.

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