Special Thanks to Patricia Youker

VLAWMO extends a warm gratitude to Board Member Patricia Youker as she closes her service on the VLAWMO Board of Directors. Patricia joined the VLAWMO Board representing the City of Vadnais Heights in 2019.

Patricia quickly began getting involved in leadership positions on the VLAMWO Board by being elected by her follow Directors as Treasury and Secretary of the Board in 2021.

She was also nominated to the VLAWMO Personnel and Policy Subcommittee in 2021 where she co-lead the effort to analyze, update and maintain a competitive staff benefits program.

In her service on the Board she also helped VLAWMO make progress on numerous partnerships with the City of Vadnais Heights including collaboration on two ditch maintenance projects in 2021 and 2022 as well as the Lambert Lake Pond and Meander project.

We wish Patricia well in her future endeavors!



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