5 Ways to Volunteer this Fall

What can you do for your watershed? VLAWMO has a variety of opportunities for group service projects and individual homeowners. Chances are there's an opportunity that fits your schedule! 

1. Adopt a Stormdrain


Cleaning your nearest stormdrain is the quickest, most convenient way to support the watershed. Click here for more information on how to get started. 

2. Adopt a Raingarden


Sometimes raingardens need a little bit of tender loving care. To keep our raingardens looking great and functioning properly, volunteers can spend a bit of time each season touching them up. Join a team of volunteers focused on a raingarden near you! Click here for more info.

3. Conduct a Stormdrain Clean-up 

2017-05-18 16.11.56.jpg

VLAWMO has tools and instructions to make a stormdrain clean-up event easy and fun. This is a great opportunity for youth, families, and organizations to support the watershed while also engaging with their community. Click here for more on how to conduct a stormdrain clean-up. 

4. Rent an Education Display or Kit

stormwater plinko.JPG

Does your local school, congregation, or club have events this fall? VLAWMO has resources to include watershed education into just about any potluck or meeting. Click here to check out the free education tools that are available. 

5. Join the WAV (Watershed Action Volunteers)

2016-10-13 14.22.19.jpg

There's always lots going on at the watershed, and there's ample opportunity to be involved! VLAWMO has volunteer options ranging from short-term to long-term positions. Photographers, neighborhood networkers, garden enthusiasts, and yard care buffs alike are encouraged to join the team to help protect and improve the watershed.

Click here for the list of 2019 WAV positions, and call (651) 204-6070 express interest in a certain position.

Visit the WAV homepage to sign-up for the volunteer email list. 


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