Neighborhood Spotlight: Frassati Academy

The 2018/2019 school year included a special watershed focus at Frassati Academy. Before the school year began, Frassati staff harnessed a VLAWMO Community Blue grant to host Heidi Ferris of Growing Green Hearts. As a specialist in watershed education for faith communities, Heidi worked with Frassati staff to plan and deliver her Connect the Drops curriculum with the students. 

Activities included interactive class visits, playing the school-age watershed game, planting trees and native plants in the schoolyard, and perhaps one of the student's favorite activities, adopting several stormdrains around the school's White Bear Lake neighborhood. 

For more information, visit Growing Green Hearts or read about the project at the Community Blue past grant recipients page. Visit adopt-a-drain to join the effort and sing along with the catchy tune song below!

Stormdrains adopted: 4

Selected stromdrain names: Pink, Stormy, Mango, and Cheese Curd

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