2021 Cost-Share Recap

VLAWMO’s cost-share grant program helps residents, businesses, and institutions implement watershed best management practices (BMPs). These BMPs aim to improve surface water quality of lakes, streams, and wetlands. 2021 was a significant year in the program because it was the first year after an update in the outline and scope.  A new Soil Health grant program was created for efficient funding of smaller restoration projects, the Landscape Level 1 program was upsized to be better equipped to handle mid-sized stormwater treatment projects, and the Landscape Level 2 program was optimized to incentivize additional stormwater treatment projects with municipalities and community partners.

Partners have made these projects possible through their time, leadership, and willingness to try something new. Due to the wide variety of properties and needs, each project is custom to its location and the interests of the property owner. Projects can be designed for creativity or practicality, and can be large or small while still benefiting the watershed. Discovering a way to make it work for each site is one of the joys of watershed improvement.

By the numbers:

Number of applications received: 17

Number of application approved: 16

Number of completed projects: 11

Number of projects continuing into 2022: 5

Raingardens: 4

Native plantings: 4

Stormwater Reductions:

  • Total Phosphorus (TP) - lbs/yr: 2.883 (a small amount of TP is still significant - 1 lb of TP fuels 500 lbs of algae)
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) - lbs/yr: 4,695 (sand, sediment, etc.) 
  • Gallons of stormwater infiltrated/yr: 384,374 (infiltrated into shallow or deep groundwater)
  • Bathtubs of stormwater infiltrated/yr: ~96,094 bathtubs
  • Stormwater in football fields of water 1" deep infiltrated/yr: 10.7

Other stormwater and watershed improvement efforts:  

  • Riparian wetland restoration
  • Gem Lake shoreline restoration
  • Fescue turf grass/yard replacement
  • 5 rainbarrel grants with 6 rain barrels installed

Visit our cost-share grants web page for more info and to get started on a project of your own. Staff are available for free on-site consultations and assistance with application logistics. For more details and the stories behind some of our most successful projects, visit the neighborhood spotlights page

Program funding renews January 1st, 2022! 



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