Ditch 14/Lambert Creek Engineering: Historic & Current Efforts

Lambert Creek/Ditch 14 and its branch ditches have a long and interesting story. To understand how the system works in its entirety, this page was created to list documents that give an understanding of how Ditch 14 came to be, and how it exists in the present.

Click here for the 2018 hydrology and hydraulic survey presentation

History of Lambert Creek video

Ditch 14 Maintenance Projects

Studies: Lambert Creek

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Bridgewood Park Curb-Cut Raingarden

A parking lot raingarden at Bridgewood Park in Vadnais Heights.

Heritage Estates Curb-Cut Raingarden

A large curb-cut raingarden at the Heritage Estates Neighborhood in Vadnais Heights.

Pleasant Lake Carp Removal

A description of the Pleasant Lake carp removal effort.

Chippewa Middle School Raingarden

Sucker Lake Channel Restoration

A shoreline restoration at the popular Sucker Lake Channel

North Oaks Entrance Raingarden

A large raingarden within a road median that diverts street runoff to support nearby wetlands and Sucker Lake.
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