Polar Chevrolet Parking Lot

Quick Facts: 

This project is located on the southwest shoreline of East Goose Lake, just east of Highway 61 and north of County Road F.

Approximately 500 ft of East Goose lake shoreline was restored on the project site.

Five iron-enhanced sand filters were constructed as part of the project to treat stormwater runoff.


Private project.

Reason for Project:

Site renovation, including the construction of a new building and parking lot.


This project constructed five iron-enhanced sand filters to treat runoff from the new building and parking lot prior to discharge into East Goose Lake. In addition, approximately 500 feet of shoreline was restored. The shoreline restoration involved removing historic fill material and planting the shoreline with native emergent plants, upland prairie plants, and trees.


The iron-enhanced sand filters are designed to remove 62 percent of the site’s total annual phosphorus from stormwater runoff. Pretreatment structures were installed at the inlet of each iron-enhanced sand filter to capture sediment and other debris from the parking lot.

The shoreline restoration improves the overall health of the lake by stabilizing the soils and providing wildlife habitat.

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