Lambert Creek - White Bear Preserve

Quick facts:

The streambank was eroding in the Oakmede section of Lambert Creek after exiting Rice Lake. VLAWMO identified a streambank restoration project as part of its Capital Improvement Project (CIP) program. In collaboration with the White Bear Preserve Home Owners Association, a grant was given to complete the restoration project.


The project was funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, that was leveraged by the St. Paul Regional Water Service.

Reason for project:

The banks of the Oakmede section of Lambert Creek, before and after the flume, were so badly and actively eroding that a restoration was in dire need. The Project would drastically reduce TSS and soil loss, as well as decrease nutrient loading and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in the Creek.


Large trees were removed along the Creek to allow for sunlightThe Creek’s banks were dug back using backhoes, and soil lifts were installed in a stepped-fashion to provide superior and permanent bank stabilization. The banks were then planted and seeded with native vegetation to provide the final layer of cover and stabilization.


The White Bear Preserve CIP, Oakmede restorations have been extremely successful, and have virtually eliminated all erosion along this part of Lambert Creek. Monitoring results so far in the years following the restoration has shown a drastic reduction in TSS and total phosphorus. This CIP is an example for future restorations and projects.

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