Charley Lake Channel Restoration

Quick facts:

This project was installed the summer of 2010 and was managed by the North Oaks Homeowners Association (NOHOA). NOHOA volunteers assisted with the contractor they hired to remove invasive species such as buckthorn, create brush bundles to protect the shoreline from further erosion, place stones strategically as added shoreline protection, regrade the shoreline and install native terrestrial and aquatic plants.


VLAWMO provided funding to NOHOA to complete this project as part of what is now called the Landscape Level 2 grant program.

Reason for project:

The channel between Charley Lake and Pleasant Lake in North Oaks was showing signs of serious erosion. The footings of a walking bridge over the channel were compromised so there was not only an environmental concern but also a public safety concern.


Buckthorn was harvested on site and used to make brush bundles which provide protection along the shoreline from wave action. Next, rocks were strategically placed to provide protection and to help dissipate wave action near the footings. A point of land which was being used by the public to access the shoreline was re-graded and planted with native perennials.


Planted vegetation has grown and filled in to better stabilize the shoreline on the lake and to create an aesthetically pleasing habitat.

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