East Goose Lake Limited Access Boat Launch

Quick Facts:

  • Boat launch consists of a 8ft x 50ft flexmat.
  • Utilizes a land parcel owned by the City of White Bear Lake. There is no public access on this boat launch. 


Project was funded through VLAWMO capital improvement funds.

Reason for project:

The boat launch was built for VLAWMO and City of White Bear Lake staff to access East Goose Lake for water monitoring efforts, and fish and vegetation studies and management. Additionally, the project was needed to access potential infrastructure needs such as the culverts that run beneath Highway 61 or the inlet channel running along Highway 61 north into the lake, and limits liability of using private property for lake access. 


VLAWMO contracted with Scandia Trucking and Excavating for project construction. Construction took place in October, 2020. An erosion control fence was installed in the water surrounding the construction site during construction, and erosion control blankets were placed on disturbed areas of the shoreline. Permits were granted from the City of White Bear Lake and the Minnesota DNR.


The project results in a low-visibility yet functional boat launch for VLAWMO, City, or County Soil and Water Conservation Division staff to conduct monitoring, surveys, and management activities. FlexMat material was used to create a permeable, low-impact surface. A native plant mix was planted to cover bare soil and stabilize the shoreline slope running down to the lake.

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