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VIDEO: Introduction to Water Flowage in VLAWMO

An introduction to VLAWMO's watershed infrastructure and the chain of lakes.

White Bear Montessori Partnership

The project of summer, 2016 - a stormwater retrofit at the White Bear Montessori.

Water Stewardship Pledge

Governor Dayton invites all Minnesotans to take the Water Stewardship Pledge.

Floating Island Wetland Research Study

How do floating islands clean stormponds and other small water bodies? Can floating islands be a stormwater tool in VLAWMO for the future? This exciting study in Vadnais Heights will tell us much about this new technology. Stay tuned in 2017 for the research results.

Fall Lawn Care

Join us in planning for water-friendly lawn care that's easy, helpful, and affordable. Most of all, it works!