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Review VLAWMO: 2019 Public Survey

Our annual survey is an easy 10 questions and a major tool for planning the year ahead. Help us serve you by taking a few minutes to provide your feedback - you could win a free rainbarrel or Cherry Berry gift certificate!

Climate Change in Minnesota

A guest presentation by Peter Boulay from the Minnesota Climatology Office.

Watershed Steward Award: Winner & Honorable Mention

Congratulations to Diane Gorder, who was nominated and voted as our first annual Watershed Steward Award recipient.

Faces of Wetlands: The Dragonfly

This article is one in a series that draws connection between wetlands and the human community.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Sharon and Peter

A suburban oasis: Take an up-close look at Sharon and Peter's stormwater drainage, lo-mow lawn, and native prairie planting.