Deep Lake

 Surface Area 78 acres
 Maximum Depth 11 ft
 Average Depth 5 ft
 Subcatchment Area 716 acres
 Location North Oaks
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Studies: Deep Lake

Deep Lake sits near the top of the North Oaks chain of lakes, between Wilkinson and Pleasant Lakes. Classified as a shallow lake, at its deepest recorded depths, Deep Lake reaches 11 ft in depth, but it's average depth is under 5 feet. The lake receives  water inflow from Wilkinson Lake in the northeast corner of the lake, and water exits the lake in the southwest corner via Deep Lake Channel, flowing to Pleasant Lake. 

Total phosphorus and Chlorophyll A nutrient sampling consistently yields measurements above state recreational standards, making it at risk to be included on the MPCA's  List of Impaired Waters. A total maximum daily load (TMDL) has not yet been completed for Deep Lake to determine the specific sources and quantities of nutrient loading, but a TMDL is planned in the 2017-2026 Water Plan.

Deep Lake Channel Restoration

This project will restore approximately 125 feet of shoreline in the Deep Lake Channel, ju…