Support and resources for stormwater permitting. 

View a list of on-the-ground projects as well as an interactive web map.

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Access detailed geographic data such as topography and floodplains on our GIS web map.

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Find information on the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) and VLAWMO's water policy.

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Watershed reports for budget, water monitoring, and annual reporting.

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Subscribe to VLAWMO's MS4 email newsletter for workshops, resources, and updates in municipal water management. 

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VLAWMO helps prepare articles, infographics, mailers, and custom maps to assist municipalities in their MS4 permit. (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System)

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Help promote our stormdrain clean-up and adopt-a-drain programs to support your MS4.

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Financial Audit Request for Proposals (RFP)
VLAWMO is requesting proposals for the audit of 2023-2024 financial statements.

Wilkinson Deep-Water Wetland Restoration RFP
VLAWMO is requesting proposals for bids for a deepwater wetland restoration project near W…

Board Subcommittee Meeting
The VLAWMO Board Subcommittee meets on May 24, 2023. The agenda can be found here.