MS4 Support

Resources for the Minimum Control Measures

Brochures and Posters

Public Brochures and Posters:

Local governments can help distribute brochures and posters to meet MS4 education and outreach requirements. Contact VLAWMO for custom designs to fit your City/Township. 

Public Works Operations Posters:

Door hangers:

Winter Maintenance: 

Salt cup 1-24-19 color.jpg


Education videos

Infographics, flyers, and mailers

Customizable templates are available for newsletters, social media, mailers, and other communication channels. 

Full-page flyers: Illicit discharge, wetland buffers, wetlands and yard waste disposal 

For bulletin boards, kiosks, front desk handouts, website downloads, and/or individual correspondence. 

Mailers: Smart salting, illicit discharge, and pet waste

For inclusion in utility bills or custom mailings.

Infographics: Smart salting, illicit discharge, and pet waste

For social media, newsletters, or email blasts.

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