Clean water starts at home: Getting started is easy with these tips and local resources.

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Former agriculture drainage ditches now act as urban creeks in the watershed. How do we live with these creeks now and into the future?

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Experience the watershed up-close with detailed map layers, measurement tools, floodplain information, and more.

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A guide to winter maintenance with the watershed in mind.

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A summary of the human and environmental history in the VLAWMO area.

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View the full VLAWMO watershed plan and water policy that guides our work and our local partnerships.

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What are wetlands? How do they work, and what sorts of wetlands are in VLAWMO?

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Plan a raingarden, dry creek, or similar stormwater practice that helps resolve drainage issues for both your property and the larger watershed. Cost-share grants are available for residents and businesses in the watershed.

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Other resources for residents


VLAWMO YouTube Channel
A variety of fun and educational videos from events and projects in the watershed. 

Water is Everyone's Business
A video series with in-depth discussion on local water resources from CTV North Suburbs.

Become a Minnesota Water Steward
The Minnesota Water Stewards program facilitated by the Freshwater Society and harnesses partnerships with local watershed districts to serve as host sites. 

Installing a Raingarden
Watch a video about raingarden installation.