VLAWMO has three grant opportunities to help property owners with projects that benefit water quality.

Let VLAWMO help you build a home or garden project that is beneficial to wildlife and water quality with our cost sharing program.

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Let us help you install a rain barrel to reduce runoff and help keep your lawn and garden watered!

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Connect with Lawns to Legumes for grants on pollinator habitat such as bee lawns, pocket plantings, and prairies. These can be independent projects that VLAWMO advises, or combined with a VLAWMO grant.

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Take advantage of the Community Blue program! A great outreach opportunity for groups and organizations.

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Other programs


Blue Thumb (Planting for Clean Water)
The Blue Thumb outreach program was created by the Rice Creek Watershed District to help meet water quality goals. Now Blue Thumb has over 70 public, private and non-profit partners spanning Minnesota and western Wisconsin. 




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