Various VLAWMO initiatives qualify as tools for municipal stormwater permitting (MS4). Let VLAWMO be a resource for your City or Township -- getting started is easy!

View detailed geographic data on our interactive web-based GIS Map.

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Agencies can help promote our stormdrain stenciling and adopt-a-drain programs to apply to MS4 initiatives.

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Learn more about our individual water resources

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Other resources for agencies and organizations


2016 Annual Report now available!
VLAWMO's 2016 Annual Report is now available in digital form, and will soon be available a…

2017 Construction Projects
Construction projects at certain wetlands and drainage ditches can be seen this spring and…

Grant Funds Spent: Landscape Level 1, Rainbarrel
2017 Landscape Level 1 and rainbarrel funding has been spent. Check back next year for mor…


Public Brochures & Posters:

Local governments can help distribute brochures and posters to meet MS4 education and outreach requirements. Contact VLAWMO for professionally printed brochures. 

Winter Practices PDF

Landscape Practices PDF

VLAWMO cost-share program

Street renovations & curb-cut raingardens

Pond and Wetland Buffer Policies:

Public Education on Buffers

City/Staff  Guidance on Buffers

Summary of Buffer Requirements from the VLAWMO Water Policy

Public Works Operations Posters:

Illicit Discharge

Maintenance Garages & Storage Yards

Roads, Parking Lots & Stockpiles