Gem Lake

 Surface Area 40 acres
 Average Depth 7 ft
 Volume 183 acre-ft
 Subcatchment Area 363 acres
 Location Gem Lake
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Sitting in the southeast corner of VLAWMO, Gem Lake is a unique basin within the Watershed. The Gem Lake subwatershed does not drain outside of its boundary, therefore, none of the water falling in the Gem Lake subwatershed leaves the area, and does not drain to any other area within VLAWMO. The south end of the lake is wetland while the north gets as deep as  14 feet and exhibits deep lake characteristics.

The lake is completely surrounded by private property and has no public access. Monitoring has been performed on the lake since 2005. Water quality has increased by a good margin since 2009, showing a decrease in total phosphorus and chlorophyll A. It has not confirmed but is believed that the Highway 61 road reconstruction improved stormwater inflow into the lake, increasing water quality.

Gem Lake is on the MPCA's List of Impaired Waters, but may be reevaluated again to come off of the List due to the increase in water quality in the last 5 years. Algae blooms have been seen in the  summer during the last few years of monitoring, but it is unclear if Curly Leaf Pondweed, a common culprit of similar blooms, is the issue on Gem Lake.

Studies: Gem Lake

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