Stormdrain Stenciling 

Do you have a community group, club, association or friends looking to serve your community? Our stormdrain stenciling program is a great way to volunteer outdoors and help protect our water. Working together, we can get stencil labels protecting VLAWMO's stormdrains, and raise awareness that the stormdrain is direct link to the nearest waterbody. 

Clean and sprayed drain.png

See our materials for training and planning your service project. To volunteer, contact VLAWMO to schedule your kit rental. Print and review the forms below with your group prior to checking out the kit. 

Stormdrain stencil instructions

Inventory and tracking sheet 

Stormdrain map - Example 

Adopt a Drain

The Adopt a Drain program is a pilot program for residents and businesses in the watershed to help in a low time commitment, convenient way. Most importantly, keeping stormdrains clear of debris helps keep water resources clean. Work solo or with a team!

Adopted drains will be featured on the VLAWMO website under Programs/Maps, and participants will receive seasonal email updates on the program. VLAWMO will contact you to specify which drain(s) you'd like to adopt and where they are on the street. 

Adopt a Drain Details PDF