To protect and improve our community's water resources, VLAWMO works on two types of projects: in-ground installation projects and surveys/monitoring. 

In-Ground Installations

Whitaker Treatment Wetlands

An engineered wetland in White Bear Township to treat polluted stormwater runoff at the headwaters of Lambert Creek.

Deep Lake Channel Restoration

This project will restore approximately 125 feet of shoreline in the Deep Lake Channel, just before it enters Pleasant Lake. The…

Sucker Lake Channel Restoration

A shoreline restoration at the popular Sucker Lake Channel

Heritage Hall Raingarden

A large raingarden/bio-swale at the offices of the City of Gem Lake.

Lambert Creek - Flume Projects

Lambert Lake Restoration 2005

Holding pond project at the location of former Lambert Lake

Lambert Creek - Kohler Bend Restoration


No active projects at this time.