To protect and improve our community's water resources, VLAWMO works on two types of projects: in-ground installation projects and surveys/monitoring. 

In-Ground Installations

Ditch 14 Maintenance: Fall, 2020

Ditch 14/Lambert Creek maintenance scheduled for Fall/Winter 2020.

Pleasant Lake Carp Removal

A description of the Pleasant Lake carp removal effort.

West Vadnais Carp Removal

Carp removal in West Vadnais Lake is one step towards improving this impaired water body.

Lambert Lake Pond and Meander

An effort to restore floodplain storage, sediment dispersal, and treat high E. coli levels.

Birch Lake Sand-Iron Filter

An iron-enhanced sand filter at the intersection of 4th St. and Otter Lake Road. The filter helps reduce nutrients entering Birc…

White Bear Montessori Raingarden

A rundown of the White Bear Montessori 2016 raingarden project.

Whitaker Treatment Wetlands

An engineered wetland in White Bear Township to treat polluted stormwater runoff at the headwaters of Lambert Creek.


Ditch 14/Lambert Creek Engineering: Historic & Current Efforts

A description and supporting documents for the historical conditions of Lambert Creek/Ditch 14 and its branch ditches

East & West Goose Lakes Aquatic Plant Surveys

Goose Lake Rough Fish Removal

Lambert Creek E. coli Sources