To protect and improve our community's water resources, VLAWMO works on two types of projects: in-ground installation projects and surveys/monitoring. 

In-Ground Installations

Lambert Lake Pond and Meander

An effort to restore floodplain storage, sediment dispersal, and treat high E. coli levels.

Ditch 14 Maintenance: Fall, 2020

Ditch 14/Lambert Creek maintenance scheduled for Fall/Winter 2020.

Pleasant Lake Carp Removal

A description of the Pleasant Lake carp removal effort.

West Vadnais Carp Removal

Carp removal in West Vadnais Lake is one step towards improving this impaired water body.

County Road F Curb-Cut Raingarens

A series of curb-cut raingardens in the East Goose Lake subwatershed.

Lakeaires Elementary Raingarden

A public raingarden treating stormwater reducing erosion in the East Goose Lake subwatershed.

Birch Lake Sand-Iron Filter

An iron-enhanced sand filter at the intersection of 4th St. and Otter Lake Road. The filter helps reduce nutrients entering Birc…


Ditch 14/Lambert Creek Engineering: Historic & Current Efforts

A description and supporting documents for the historical conditions of Lambert Creek/Ditch 14 and its branch ditches

East & West Goose Lakes Aquatic Plant Surveys

Goose Lake Rough Fish Removal

Lambert Creek E. coli Sources