Goose Lake Rough Fish Removal

Goose Lake in White Bear Lake has a few water quality issues and is on the State Impaired Waters list for high levels of nutrients, both total phosphorus (TP) and Chlorophyll A. It has been the watersheds goal to try to reduce these levels in the lake both for downstream water quality and lake aesthetics. Studies have determined that internal TP loading is one area affecting water quality, basically lake bottom sediment being disturbed and releasing high levels of nutrients into the water column. Rough fish, such as carp, sucker and bullhead, forage in lake sediment while feeding. Large populations of these fish can cause a huge problem in lakes due to the amount of sediment and nutrients these fish stir up while feeding. We hired a commercial fisherman to harvest the rough fish. It is estimated that 15,000-30,000 lbs of rough fish could be removed from the lake which would make a huge dent in the rough fish population and allow the game fish population to naturally control this issue in the future. The commercial fisherman hired to do the bullhead harvest is specially licensed by the DNR. The commercial fisherman run the nets in the spring until the catch rate drops below 1,000lbs per lift. Then run the nets in the fall again until the catch drops below 500lbs per lift. Up to 30,000 lbs of bullhead might be removed. Only bullhead will be harvested, the game fish are not be harmed during netting. 


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