East & West Goose Lakes Aquatic Plant Surveys

East Goose and West Goose lakes are separated by highway 61 in White Bear Lake and are connected via two culverts  underneath the highway.  A weed survey was done to find which aquatic plant species are present as well as how prevalent each species is in each of the lakes.  Samples were taken at evenly spaced 70m geo-referenced points and data on depth, plant species, and abundance was recorded.

East Goose Lake

East Goose Lake is the larger lake of the two and  is surrounded by roads and residential properties.  Data was collected at 94 points with aquatic plants found at 24 of the points.  Canada Waterweed (Elodea canadensis) had the highest occurrence rate at 95.83% followed by Curly Leaf Pondweed (Potamogeton crispus) with an occurrence rate of 16.67%.  Leafy Pondweed (Potamogeton foliosus) was last with an occurrence rate of 12.50%.

East Goose Lake Aquatic Plant Survey 2014

West Goose Lake

West Goose Lake is much smaller in size when compared to East Goose Lake and is mostly used by the White Bear Lake Ski Otters where they put on ski shows throughout the summer months.  Data was collected at 16 points and aquatic plants were found at 12 points.  The dominant species in West Goose is Curly Leaf Pondweed (Potamageton crispus) with an occurence rate of 83.33%.    Canada Waterweed (Elodea canadensis) had the second highest occurrence rate at 50.00% followed by Filamentous Algae (Spirogyra spp.) with an occurrence rate at 8.33%.

West Goose Lake Aquatic Plant Survey 2014



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