Floodplain Friday Series

To kick-off the Lambert Lake Meander project and adapt to social distancing in the summer of 2020, VLAWMO created the #FloodplainFriday video series. Each Friday, we posted a video, article, local spotlight, or original video on the topic of wetland and floodplain management. Original VLAWMO videos were taken on-site at key floodplain and wetland locations in the watershed. Several other projects and efforts are showcased right here in our own backyard, with tips on how support our local floodplains and waterbodies from home. 

Here you'll find the central hub from the summer posts. Bookmark this page for future reference, or dive in to an educational movie night!

For more details and updates on the Lambert Lake Meaner, click here.

External Floodplain Links:

Video: Wetlands: The Drain Game
Video: Why do rivers curve?
Video: Wetlands 101
Video: Floodplains by Design
Video: Cattails in Wetlands
Video: Liquidity Documentary
Local spotlight: Middle Rice Creek Restoration Project
Local Spotlight: Methodist Hospital Re-meander
Article: Green infrastructure and the post-coronavirus economy
Article: Floodplain protection and future flood losses

Recent Posts

2022 Watershed Award Recipients

VLAWMO is pleased to present this year's Watershed Award recipients. Check our their stories here!

Special Thanks to Paul Duxbury

VLAWMO extends its gratitude to Paul Duxbury for over 5 years of service on the VLAWMO Technical Commission.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Karen Suzukamo

A look at a raingarden, sedge groundcover, and green roof.

Saint Mary's of the Lake Raingarden Renovation

VLAWMO sends its thanks to local Boy Scout Alex Nelson for undertaking a raingarden renovation project for his Eagle Scout badge.

Lake Care Weekend 2022

Fall marks one of the best times of year for this convenient lake care strategy.

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