Floodplain Friday Series

To kick-off the Lambert Lake Meander project and adapt to social distancing in the summer of 2020, VLAWMO created the #FloodplainFriday video series. Each Friday, we posted a video, article, local spotlight, or original video on the topic of wetland and floodplain management. Original VLAWMO videos were taken on-site at key floodplain and wetland locations in the watershed. Several other projects and efforts are showcased right here in our own backyard, with tips on how support our local floodplains and waterbodies from home. 

Here you'll find the central hub from the summer posts. Bookmark this page for future reference, or dive in to an educational movie night!

For more details and updates on the Lambert Lake Meaner, click here.

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Recent Posts

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bob Winkler

A local resident shares his experience in winter maintenance and adopt-a-drain.

Introducing the Junior Watershed Explorer Program

VLAWMO is pleased to offer this engaging, family-friendly activity book for students, families, and kids of all ages!

Floodplain Friday Series

A four-part video series taking a closer look at floodplain management and the Lambert Lake meander project.

Wildlife in the Watershed

A new StoryMap about VLAWMO watershed wildlife.

Faces of Wetlands: Flying Squirrel

One of a series of articles that draws connections between wetlands and the human community.

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