Thank you for your investment and interest in improving our watershed. Clean water really does start with you. Keep your project functioning and looking great with these tools and resources. 

Plant ID

Learn more about native plants and sharpen your skills at identifying weeds. 


BlueThumb: How-to documents, videos, plant guides, and much more!

MN Native Plant Encyclopedia

Minnesota Wildflowers

VLAWMO Plant Cards:

Plant cards 1

Plant cards 2


The Raingarden Book is available through VLAWMO for $10, and can also be purchased through several vendors found on Blue

Cost-share recipients are eligible for a free copy of Common Lakeshore Weeds. Call (651-204-6070) or visit the VLAWMO office for a copy. 

Neighborhood Spotlights

Experience is the best teacher! VLAWMO invites all cost-share participants to share your story to help make a difference for the watershed. 


A new project is a great opportunity for documenting growth and changes as projects mature. Residents can photograph their project to demonstrate how the plants grow or how the project harnesses water over time. 

  • Take monthly photos of your project during the growing season (May-Sept) for 2-4 years. 
  • Send VLAWMO your photo collection.
  • Send us any fun photos of gardening, flowers, or wildlife visitors! 

Neighborhood Spotlights:

Tell the story of your project by being featured in a Neighborhood Spotlight article. Completed articles include a photo of a homeowner with the project, technical information on the project, and a brief interview. See examples below.

Kate Winsor:  June, 2018

Beth Fruehling:  May, 2018

Glander Family: April, 2018

Ronna Smitherman:  February, 2018