The term "retrofit" means adding something new to an older system - or in this case, finding where we can incorporate water quality projects into an existing neighborhood setting. Putting in storm ponds and raingardens is easier in a new development before houses and streets are put in. It is more complicated to install them in a neighborhood that already has homes and streets.

Lambert Creek Retrofit

VLAWMO partnered with the Ramsey Conservation District (RCD) and received a Clean Water Partnership Grant from the MN Pollution Control Agency (PCA) to do a study of the Lambert Creek Subwatershed. The study identified and recommended the placement of Best Management Practice (BMP) projects.

The subwatershed was divided into smaller catchments and analyzed to determine their pollutant loading into Lambert Creek. In all, 33 catchments were analyzed and 10 of those were selected to have computer modeling done to see how much effect BMPs would have to reduce the amount of pollution reaching the creek.

VLAWMO is now working with RCD to install a couple of pilot projects identified in the report. Once plans are finalized, we will post information on the website.

Lambert Creek_Retrofit

Birch Lake Retrofit

Increasing levels of pollutants found in the lake and surrounding subwatershed are what prompted this study to identify BMP locations for water quality improvement.

Birch Lake_Retrofit

Gilfillan-Tamarack-Wilkinson Retrofit

As impaired lakes at the top of the North Oaks Chain of Lakes, a retrofit study was deemed necessary to explore options of decreasing nutrients and making progress towards making these lakes healthier.

Gilfillan-Tamarack-Wilkinson Retrofit